Saturday, December 27, 2008

Tears (France) 1989 Demo

Although most don't know it, France had a thriving glam/hair band scene in the late 80's. There were a few bands that were pretty popular on the local level, but none of them ever broke through with any degree of worldwide success. Tears was probably the most infamous of these bands. This group of sleaze glamsters sported Sunset Strip style names like "Punky Diamonds" and "Kenny Lace" and could teaze their hair up as well as any Hollywood band of the era! Not much has surfaced in the trading world from these guys, but I recently got a hold of their debut three song demo tape from a collector friend of mine, and I thought you would all enjoy it! Please post a comment and let me know what you think!


  1. Anyway of conctact you? Please send me a email to

  2. Hello SANDI'S GLAM!!....ferreira.amora such person is bad, very rude and shear, takes what he wants and ask in return -
    I see you walk up and share and not ask in return, which need ask on my blog that we are many who share this love ... and my blog here to download

  3. Beautiful descriptions in a vario I love drawing and my son and wife

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  4. Amazing post! thanks a lot for this rarity and for the fantastic blog!. Do you have their other demos to? (1988 Demo / Demo 5-tracks (Under The Sea, Comin’ To Your Town, ...)