Saturday, December 27, 2008

Venice (Krypteria) demo

Way back know when that was, a lot of today's "modern" rockers were cheezy, hair banders -- most were WAY cooler back then! Venice was a very, very good commercial hard rock/aor band from Germany back in the heyday of hair. This four song demo is in a word, superkickbutt! :) Anyway, three of these four dudes stayed together and today make up 75% of the German metal band Krypteria. If you don't know Krypteria, you should. They actually are, especially by modern rock standards, pretty friggin' good. They have a Korean, female singer who is amazing, and the band sounds a bit like Nightwish, just with less instrumentation. I'd suggest you enjoy this demo, then go support Krypteria. Their official website is below.

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